Exchange Policy

I. Confidentiality: It is the responsibility of Mari Maria Makeup to preserve the confidentiality of all data and information provided by the Client in the purchase process. The security of the site is audited daily and guaranteed against the action of hackers, through the seal "Clear Sale".


II. Customer Service (SAC): The customer has this service to resolve any doubts, resolve any requests or complaints regarding your request or any content made available on the site. The SAC may be activated by calling + 55 (61) 99960-1717, sending an e-mail to or WhatsApp + 55 61 9960-1717.


III. Delivery Policy: The deadline for delivery of the Products is informed during the purchase procedure, counted in working days. The deliveries of the Products are carried out from Monday to Friday, during business hours via couriers for the option chosen.


III.I - Two to three delivery attempts will be carried out at the place informed, on alternate days, with an interval of up to 48 hours between one delivery and another. It is indispensable that, at the address requested, there is a person authorized by the buyer, over 18 years old, and carrying identification document to receive the merchandise. If there are two or three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the order will return to Mari Maria Cosméticos and will be reshipped after the arrival of the product and contact with the customer.


III.II - Upon completion of the request it is not possible to request an advance or priority of delivery.


III.III - The delivery period informed during the purchase procedure of the

Product takes into account the inventory, the region, the invoice issuing process and the preparation time of the product.


III.IV - The freight value of the delivery is calculated based on the place of delivery, the weight of the product and the price stipulated by the Post Office.


V. Right of repentance: The Client shall be entitled to exercise the right to repent of the purchase, for the purpose of returning the Product, in which case the following conditions shall be observed:

• the withdrawal period for the purchase of the product is up to 7 (seven) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt;

• In the event of a return, the product must be returned to Mari Maria Cosméticos sealed - not used - in the original packaging, accompanied by the DANFE (Electronic Document of the Electronic Invoice), the manual and all its accessories.


V.I - The Customer must request the return through the Customer Service (SAC).


V.II - Upon arrival of the product in the company, Mari Maria Cosméticos will verify if the above conditions have been met. If it does, it will refund the full amount of the purchase.


V.III - In purchases with credit card the card administrator will be notified and the reversal will occur in the next or subsequent invoice. The deadline for reimbursement, and also the collection of the remaining installments after the full refund of the value of the Product on the Customer's credit card made by Mari Maria Cosméticos, is the responsibility of the card administrator. In the event of collection of future installments by the card company, the Customer will not be encumbered, as Mari Maria Cosméticos, as mentioned above, will reimburse the full amount of the Product in a single time, being the credit related to the refund granted in full by the card administrator on the billing invoice subsequent to the month of cancellation.


Exchange and Return Policy: all occurrences involving exchange or return will be met as provided in the Consumer Defense Code.


VI.I - The Customer must request the exchange or return through the Customer Service (SAC).


VI.II - The product must be returned to Mari Maria Cosméticos in the original packaging, sealed - not being used - accompanied by the DANFE (Electronic Document of the Electronic Invoice), the manual and all its accessories.


VI.III - In case of defect in disposable products, they should not be discarded, as they will be analyzed through photos and if necessary videos.


VI.IV - Upon arrival of the product, Mari Maria Cosméticos will verify that the conditions

were met. If so, it will arrange for the refund (refund) or exchange of the Product according to the request made by the Customer.


VI.V - Mari Maria Cosméticos exempts itself from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any returned product without the Customer Service sector being communicated.


VII Accepted forms of payment:


VII.I - Credit card registered with Paypal.

VII.II - For payments with credit card, the application will be subject to the approval of the card administrator. The information contained in the registration is subject to confirmation, which may be requested by Mari Maria Cosméticos by telephone or e-mail.


VIII. Delivery Time and Method of Payment:


VIII.I - Purchases paid by credit card: the deadline for delivery is considered based on registration data and confirmation of payment by the card company. Confirmation is performed within one day. In case of cadastral divergence, Mari Maria Cosméticos will contact the buyer by phone or by e-mail.


IV. Offers: The offers can be found on the main page of the Mari Maria Cosmetics website. However, an offer can be withdrawn from the site when the products in stock are exhausted and it is not possible to replace them with our suppliers.



IV.I The customer should carefully read the regulation of each offer before closing the purchase. In case of doubt, the customer should contact our Customer Service Department (SAC).